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From The Steel Shop

April 27th, 2011

5_3_11 Update: Ok well the steel items we have been working on in between our commitments are starting to take shape. Really could use some feedback, especially in regards to the “vessel” decorative sink idea. We are thinking seriously about beginning to market these and build some prototypes for sale. Maybe a few variations on the same theme but slightly different. We are asking for some comments on the feasibility. I mean how difficult would it be for a yea or a nay from you all (see the box at the bottom marked “COMMENTS”). The thing is we don’t want to do a bunch of things half way, we want to do a few things excellently. I haven’t seen anything like this online or anywhere for that matter. Let us know what you think.
It is getting harder to determine who is the steel guy and who is the wood guy. Increasingly more time is spent with Abe (the wood guy) with a welding helmet on working in the steel shop. He is building a set of spiral stairs for a customer and is working on it nonstop. Now Eric (the steel guy) has a new offering. It is a chimney hood, but could actually double as a range hood cover. And who would not be happy to see it over their stove , I ask? I have also added the pole holders shown previously as a finished product.


Wanted to share a few items, well works in progress, from the steel fabrication shop. “Welder Extraordinaire” Eric Dunn is shown in one of the pictures. When he is not busy with the variety of aluminum railing projects and structural steel beam installations, he can be found in the shop cranking out individual requests. Here is the bass masters dream, an adjustable swivel mounted fishing pole holder, prepared to mount boat side. The steel gate made in the classic style boasts of a magnetic clasp closing system. The sink is a variation of the free standing post models you normally see. It has a back shelf for storage and lends itself to external wall mounting of the faucet. I actually made Eric put the sink in to simulate what it would look like finished. Artist prefer to wait until the masterpiece is finished to be viewed while the observers like to see the process. That is why I carry a camera around everywhere I go.

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Cable Rail Balcony

April 21st, 2011

Take a look at the latest offering in Holden Beach, North Carolina. The look was to be in the nautical genre. Constructed with stainless steel cable rails and newels with compass rose routered in to the newel caps. The caps are made of mahogany, compass inserts were made of maple. The finished product resembles walking aboard a yacht, in the comfort of your living room.

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The First Flight

April 8th, 2011


First Flight Stairs & Speciality Millwork

Discriminating people require unique looks. Timberology represents the merger of timber products and technology to create such unique looks. Please take the time to review some of the custom- made products in our gallery. The important thing is not to limit your imagination to just what you see there, but to allow it to create your own distinct look and natural appeal. We can help make your unbounded requests into a tangible item you can be proud to call your own. If it is made out of wood and/or steel, we have the capacity of creating a masterpiece of your own imagination, brought to life


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