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Ever Poplar Coffer

October 28th, 2011

Stopped in on a local seafood and chophouse restaurant upfit we contracted for a look at the ceilings going in. The poplar lumber was processed in our shop; planed, ripped to various sizes, sanded, then transported for installation onsite. Poplar is an ideal stain or paint grade receptive hardwood, which inherently does not have a rich color or spectacular grain. It’s ability to blend in to architectural settings make something relatively bland quite beautiful. We are using a non grain raising stain in which the first coat is stained and two layers of top coat are applied, which are precatelized. This approach will create a mahogany like appearance, adding style and shadowbox flare to the ceilings. Coffered ceilings such as these capture light, emitting shadow lines with rich visual interest. There are secondary benefits as well, the coffered ceiling has acoustical properties of sound absorbtion reducing echoes and noise. They hide unsightly wires, flex ducts from HVAC units, and house lighting fixtures. All these features, plus a warm rustic feel, add a dimension of invitability this restaurant will capitalize on in the future.

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