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Square Peg / Round Hole

March 30th, 2012

The Ocean Blvd. house is now has a completely sheathed exterior continuing the “dry in” process. Horizontal bracing between the pilings prompted the title as it presented the age old adage. The treated 4×4′s membering into the round piling required a notch squared to receive it. This will used to form knee bracing at 45 degree to the pile, fitting perfectly in the created notch about 4′-0″ down from the top of the pile. They are dictated by the engineer of record but generally are installed perpendicular to the shoreline as not to be overcome by wave surges or floating debris. The 1st floor deck package is onsite and ready for installation first of next week. The next packages on subsequently higher levels will require a “boom truck” delivery.

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Pergola Or Trellis

March 26th, 2012

Western red cedar timbers are loaded on the trailer as their ends have been precision cut. The two different size widths are through bolted with the 4×8′s sitting on top of the 4×12′s running perpendicular to them into 6×6 posts. This forms what I thought was termed a trellis but I discovered is actually a pergola. The trellis is more of a vertical plant climbing structure while the pergola is a free standing arbor which can allow plants to grow from it’s sides and roof. There are numerous custom designs which are extremely architecturally pleasing, increasing the value of the home as well as the general enjoyment of the outdoor space. Much of the rough sawn red cedar comes into the US from Canada. There are beautiful and intricate kits that can be purchased for those who enjoy the challenge of erecting them. Fortunately for us, much can be said for the custom formation and installation of pergolas, leaving the details to professional woodworkers.

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Nails R Us

March 22nd, 2012

Finished products are beginning to roll off the CNC machine Dunn Metalworks recently purchased. Eric Dunn’s ability to convert a idea into reality never ceases to amaze. Shown here is a nail polish holder he constructed for a local beauty salon. The action photo is an aluminum railing project he is providing for Grande Dunes, which is one of Myrtle Beach’s more exclusive neighborhoods based off of typical Florida style homes, sporting spanish tile roofs and expansive floor plans. The railing Eric is producing is 36″ in height which will sit on a 24″ concrete wall. Usually these types of railings projects are for pool enclosures but this one is simply for property separation. Eric is undaunted by the task at hand but for me at least, it seems to be very labor intensive. I told him to “carry on” after snapping the photos. Being the polite person he is, he thanked me for my permission. Probably glad to see me go…

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Capped And Sheathed

March 16th, 2012

Friday afternoon finds the Ocean Blvd. jobsite with the roof truss hip system erected, braced, and sheathing. The OSB wall sheathing which did not come on the wall panels per customer request will be applied starting on Monday. Interesting new products, such as Windstorm from Norbord offer solutions for the resistance of shear and uplift in high wind regions. Shear refers to the sideways pressure from the winds forces while uplift is forces pushing upward. Using standard 4′-0″ x 8′-0″ sheets, the wall panels are blocked for nailing sideways whereas the Windstorm panel creates a vertical continuous load path from plateline to plateline. Less bracing, hardware installation, and blocking is a labor savings to the user of the product while meeting all hurricane codes. Certainly the Windstorm product is ideal for the type of construction illustrated here.

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Lost In The Sauce Swanky Blues and Art Festival

March 15th, 2012

March 11th heralded the first Swanky Blues and Art Festival at 2001 Night Club in Myrtle Beach. Tourist destination spots are not notorious for cultural significant functions traditionally, but the show was Myrtle Beach’s step in the right direction. Live music by “Sharks” w/ Kid Drew was nothing short of phenomenal as the Kid made a volume of sound seem tightly wound. Young artist’s displayed their work, better yet, most were present to mingle with the crowd stopping to observe. As mentioned on the advertisement, it was truly a “creative fusion” of auditory and visual bliss. “Polished casual” describes it best though. Either way, culture was found in Myrtle Beach outside of a petri dish.

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2nd Level

March 12th, 2012

The second floor wall panels are now set in place and the roof trusses have arrived at the jobsite. Obviously bracing the walls in preparation for the roof system to be craned into place is the next step. There are LVL’s onsite to support the roof trusses at the angled walls on the exterior. The big push is for the roof trusses to be set in order to keep the house under roof. Then all subsequent activities, such as windows and doors being placed into the rough opening, can be conducted without weather considerations. The roof sheathing is already delivered, 5/8″ radiant barrier for energy efficience, is ready to be placed on top of the roof system. Permanent and temporary bracing on these clear span roof trusses will lock them into place. Where there is a straight run of three or more trusses horizontal braces will run between similar webbing. As the roof slopes down on both sides of the peaked area, “T” braces are required on the required webs. It is called a “T” brace when the 2×4 bracing member runs perpendicular to the 1 1/2″ surface, forming a “T”. The flat topped hip system doesn’t usually allow for similar webs which makes horizontal bracing impossible. There are numerous strapping situations as dictated by house’s engineered documents creating a continuous load path from the roof, through the walls, to the LVL girder system awaiting the framer. Hurricane anchorage that ties the roof trusses to the walls will be affixed as they move downward now after completing setting the roof system.

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(T)ides of March

March 2nd, 2012

Moving up to the first level of the Ocean Blvd. house has clearly improved the view of the Atlantic Ocean. The title is a little play on words as I looked out the rear frames of four windows. Actually the Ides of March occured on March 15th, but please afford me predating this article modified to fit my needs. The first floor was set and decked and very quickly the panels were hoisted via crane on top of the level and braced into position. Being elevated this high, using the crane to put the components in place makes alot of sense both from a safety and time perspective. Once braced, the first floor walls are prepared for the 2nd floor trusses. Today’s photos demonstrate what a few hours onsite yield. Once the 2nd floor trusses are nailed the crane swings the sheathing into a position where it can be distributed across the floor system. New 3/4″ T+G product Pinnacle is what is being used on this house. It has a 50 year warranty similar to the Advantech sheathing and saves a few dollars a sheet in the process. Sitting oceanfront, bracing every component is essential both permanently and temporarily. This is a high wind zone and to meet code contractors and vendors must have their products design for 130 mph bursts. Next week, the 2nd floor panels will be set and the decks will be constructed prior to the roof trusses being delivered capping the component construction masterpiece…

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