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Fly Like A….

April 13th, 2012

As I raced towards the office on Hwy 57 south, just after crossing the North Carolina borderline into South Carolina I spotted the road kill just ahead. I was not the only one to notice it. Above the truck coming in from the east appeared a large wing spanned creature I assumed was a buzzard moving in to claim lunch. What a nuisance the road traffic must be for preditory birds I thought, as I occupied the same spot in the road as the destination of this one’s next meal. As he readjusted his position to the haven of a upper tree branch, I was able to discern this wonderfully agile aviator was not the buzzard I had anticipated. It was a brightly colored bald eagle that had caught my attention and I pulled to the nonexistent shoulder of the road to get a better view of the bird I had by now passed. As cars continued to whiz by, I moved to the opposite side of the road with my camera in hand. Clearly the eagle was not impressed with my attempt to make him famous. He tolerated the shot I snapped here but quickly elevated himself to a higher perch on a utility pole. This brief encounter serves a reminder of the wonder of nature that surrounds us as well as the circle of life mutually experienced. The automobile hit the animal thus providing a meal for our hungry friend just as it allowed me to witness the splendor of his beauty.

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Cabinet Fever

April 9th, 2012

Cabinet construction abounds in the shop as we process a large kitchen / bath / and bedroom order. The maple cabinets shown here are of European style, which combine clean lines with simple details. The look created by the European style cabinetry is a mixture of contemporary yet not straying too far from a classic appeal. This spacious design maximizes useable area emphasizing accessiblity, which provides functionality to aestheically pleasing character. When coupled with stainless steel and aluminum, the European emphasis becomes even more desirable. The installation of these cabinets await finishing of the home’s painting and flooring covering.

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