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25 Yards Short Of A Football Field

October 30th, 2012

Work on the foundation is being conducted in the Dunes Club, 100 Club Drive in Myrtle Beach. It is very exciting to be involved in a project of this magnitude. This is a 21,700 square foot home built under fortified home specifications. The 12″ concrete block foundation will be followed by a LVL pier system topped with 16″ deep floor trusses specially designed for 7″ drops in the theater room and 6″ drops in the showers. An ICF wall system will be installed with the interior walls constructed out of Framers Series wall panels of varying plate heights before the massive roof truss system is installed. On my visit to the job site entering from the left side of the structure, I mentioned to Rod Edwards, the general contractor with Innovative Design / Build, that the walk seemed like a football field. He corrected me by saying converting from feet to yards the distance was actually 75 yards. A house of this size takes time to develop especially considering the unique specifications presented. We started in earnest April of 2012 by presenting numberous elevations to the homeowner on the basis of the architectural floor plan. Structural engineering was developed with major considerations given to load transference and hurricane anchorage in this 150 mph (20 mph higher than the code of 130 mph for the fortified home compliance). Approval drawings were submitted and reviewed for months leading up to this stage of construction. It is fulfilling for me to see all this work forming the plan, but not half as thrilling as seeing the components placed into action as the house continues to materialize. I will continue to document the progress in future posts…

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74 Dye Estates Is Energy Efficient

October 28th, 2012

Certainly has been a long time since my last post. I could say I have been extremely busy, or a variety of other excuses, but being preoccupied with the barrage of incoming jobs is a great thing for me. It is indicative of an economy which has moved in the right direction in comparison to recent years. I don’t know if this is just pent up demand or not, surely the confidence of buyers has increased for my marketplace of custom single family homebuilding. Anyway, I am thankful for either or both.
This component construction home in Dye Estates is Energy Star compliant, designed and built by standards above most other homes on the market today. Exterior walls constructed from 2×6 Framers Series lumber allows for increased R value insulation. Ladder wall construction shown here is used at intersecting interior panels, while “L” shaped two stud corners create a pocket for insulation damming and reduce lumber use. Infiltration barrier blocks the moisture laden air that increases the homes humidity along with reducing air leakage. In addition to insulating at the tees and corners, it is also important to insulate window and door frames, both above and around these openings. The 2×6 exterior walls provide space to accomplish this.
There is a third party inspection required to qualify the home for the Energy Star rating who will ensure the general contractor meets the necessary criteria. Once certified, the homeowner will enjoy years of reduced energy bills while taking the enviromentally correct path to sound construction techniques. When the new building codes are institued, expect this type of construction to be required, not optional. Those general contractors now utilizing Energy Star requirements will be well above the learning curve. Component construction takes the trial and error stage out of the equation by manufacturing wall panels in a factory controlled environment aided by computer generated specifications. Roof truss design is changing as well. The “heels” of the trusses (over the wall height) will be increased so that insulation can be continued uniformly along the top chord of the truss, thus increasing it’s R value.

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