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February 14th, 2013

The crowning touch of the rough framing at 100 Club Drive has to be the true Douglas Fir timber trusses being set this afternoon. It was reassuring to witness all the months of planning required to get to the point of erection, and seeing it fit together with the structure above designed to house it. These timbers are nothing short of magnificent. The concealed fasteners are two expanding cross pins called Timberlinx which are stronger than traditional mortise and tenon joints. Spaced at 8′-0″ centers, spanning over 40′-0″, these timbers are showcase quality adding sophistication and authenticity to the home. The wall panels have parallam columns to support the massive amount of weight generated by their girth. Openings in precise locations of the doubled, three piece roof trusses above were coordinated with the timber engineering to assure accuracy. The dining area and kitchen utilized shorter span timbers, shadowing the larger, great room timber shape. Qualifying as a Fortified Home, the load paths are evaluated by an independent structural engineer working in conjunction with the local engineer of record. The use of component technology, with the added twist of working a plan around the giant timbers, made this project as gratifying as it was memorable.

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