November 7th, 2012
by Don_Lawrence

The poignant aroma of seasoned wood greeted anyone entering our shop for the last few days. Reclaimed heart pine is the species of the lastest First Flight Stairs creation, which makes for a difficult choice of which I enjoy the most; the smell or the beauty of the lumber. Using reclaimed lumber is an ecologically sound decision by recycling and reusing lumber that would have been burnt or scrapped into a landfill. Heart pine can have areas that are very dense due to heavy concentrations of sap. It is more dense in comparison to new lumber, being fully seasoned makes in stronger and stable as well. It adds a special charm to any home it graces with the knowledge it was around in another form as far back as the eighteenth century. Reminants of it’s previous life are shared through nail holes and grain pattern variations. The rustic apperance is milled and planed into a product, such as these stair treads, prove this timber still has plenty of life left.

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