227 Tidewater Plantation

December 9th, 2012
by Don_Lawrence

Adjoining Interior Passageways

With the wall panel delivery on Wednesday of last week, walls were standing on my Friday morning arrival. This new component construction home in Tidewater Plantation features 2×6 10′-0″ tall walls. Temporary bracing is evident until the walls are permanently fastened to the foundation. Babb Custom Homes, having the most experience with erecting these packages, has refined the process into predictable construction practices. A good example of this is using impact resistance windows, two studs as opposed to a 2×6 separation makes the fit easiest to work with. By specifying particular kneewall heights for kitchen pass through walls, valuable onsite labor is eliminated. The roof truss system was to arrive later that Friday morning to be set on Monday. Even a jobsite that lacks much open area to place materials can be serviced with component construction. By staging wall components, loose material, and trusses, for their respective appropriate arrivals times allows the job not to be overrun on existing space. The garage door opening was completed less the LVL header which will be in the roof package being delivered. This knowledge and expectations of the sequence of events is the result of pre-construction planning. Implementation of the plan is realized seamlessly through correct, on time deliveries based on their needs.

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