Hemmed In

January 3rd, 2013
by Don_Lawrence

Any question I had regarding breaking the main roof trusses into two orders was cast aside upon arriving at the job site for 100 Club Drive this morning. What is shown here is “Part 1″ consisting of four individual truckloads. After the rain subsides, the crane is due to begin setting this massive amount of trusses, creating room for “Part 2″ scheduled for Wednesday of next week. The interior wood wall panels are completely set, of which I didn’t even enter the structure to take pictures as I marveled at roof deliveries in front. “Part 2″ is almost as large of a shipment as what you see here so the framing crew has their work cut out for them preparing for it. Literally there is no room for any materials left until “Part 1″ is set into place. Besides consuming all storage area in the front, there are trusses clear spanning over 66 feet long in these stacks. Special lifting and bracing details are required in handling trusses this large. Of special interest are the trusses over the great room, designed 12″ o/c and doubled. This section envelops the true Douglas Fir timbers below, stubbed around the masonry fireplace as necessary. The wall panels in the great room were engineered to carry the huge point loads via parallam columns. Although the roof trusses above will carry the roof and ceiling loads, these timber trusses spaced 8′-0″ o/c are extremely heavy, generating their own forces needing a load path to the foundation. All these factors were prepared for in advance through the coordination of timber engineering firm working in unison with the truss and wall panel designers to assure success.

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