Hemmed No More, 100 Club Drive Trusses Fly

January 9th, 2013
by Don_Lawrence

Hit hard by the flu bug and relegated to bed for the last two days, I still managed to get to the Dunes Club to handle issues, at least Monday morning that is. The opportunity to go into the structure and take some photos yielded these pictures of the variety of plate heights present on the job. Ranging from 10′-0″ to 18′-0″ tall, the angled walls on either side of the great room were the most striking. This afternoon, the general contractor sent me the one where trusses were set over the same area, a “little house he was building in the Dunes Club” he called it. Thought it was fitting showing the massive great room walls capped with the vaulted ceiling that will house the exposed timber trusses below them. Actually, as mentioned in the previous post, nearly the same amount of trusses started shipping today to occupy the same area vacated by what was set. The wall panels using the Framers Series lumber were erected without much of a hitch. Not the same result for the roof trusses though, as three problems arose leading to creative problem solving. I am fortunate to have a design staff and an insightful general contractor to review the situation and choose the correct course of action to solve them. One of them involved the 4 ply girder bearing height. You can imagine the amount of materials and labor it takes to screw, bolt and arrange the hangers prior to setting it. Being able to use it and stay on schedule, finding the most advantageous solution, was probably the most significant single decision of the whole project thus far.

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