Lakes 49 and Smithfield 10

November 1st, 2011
by Don_Lawrence

Update 11_7_11 While meeting with the general contractor on the panel and truss designs for the townhouse units at Smithfield 10, we took some time to walk and review the components in Lakes 49. As previously mentioned, both of these structures are Energy Star compliant. The photos shown here demonstrate three major facets of Advanced Framing Techniques. Insulative headers filling out 2×6 walls studded 24″ o/c, which will be correctly fitted with insulation at the prescribed R-value for this region of the country. In line framing, which reduces the amount of wood used by correctly aligning the studs under the floor and roof trusses (also spaced 24″ o/c) above sending the load to the foundation below. Optimum value engineering, allows for the specific “right sized” header utilizing Timberstrand and other various engineered beams which are partially made of dieased and insect damaged recycled trees parts as hailed by environmentally interactive groups such as The Forest Foundation. This group of individuals strives to promote the spontaneously correct action of conservation when faced with ecological challenges today’s world affords. From innovative building technologies to intelligent uses of natural resources, we must all take the lead in social conciousness with regard to the protection of the dwindling planatary treasures we have been granted.

On previous posts, I have detailed advanced framing techniques, in line framing, and optimum value engineering (right sized beams). These buildings will be under the new Energy Star compliances so we can see the various items “up close and personal”. Lakes 49 (condo units) will be first out of the gate followed closely by Smithfield 10, which are townhomes. Everything used will be eliminating as much lumber as possible. I don’t want that to sound as if we are lessening the structure, just the opposite. It is making everything less but incredibly more efficient. Substituting 2×6 walls at 24″ on center versus 2×4 walls at 16″ o/c that can house more insulation. It might be a good idea to know what the recommended level of insulation is in your area of the United States. Continuous load paths established from the roof through the 2nd floor studs; to the floor system out to the 1st level studs; ending at the foundation makes everything align. We will see insulative headers correctly sized for the load they carry, using “right sized” beams. Some will be Timberstrand, others LVL, perhaps some conventional headers. Smithfield 10 boasts “tall walls” (19′+) where there will be Parallam columns and headers, walls actually engineered and sealed for the conditions and loads. Some of these walls cannot be designed using conventional lumber and that is where the Framers Series has a distinct advantage. It will be an opportunity to see these energy efficient multi-family structures employ products that lead us to a green future. So keep checking for updates on this page..

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  1. Pavan Says:

    A creative and rsailetic way of illustrating our need for simplifying life back down to the basics: real human, deep living connection, shared experiences in joy rather than in competition and in a race with time, fewer manufactured objects and more hand-made imperfect tools, interdependence with our families and friends rather than with professionals and strangers ( experts’).Indeed, what WILL we do when the computers and other communications break down en masse? Talk to our neighbors? Make lunch at home, together? Grow veggies and chickens in the back yard? How far we’ve strayed from those very human activities .

  2. Jamel Gager Says:

    You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Don_Lawrence Says:

    thanks appreciate your comment.

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