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Style And Elegance

December 28th, 2012

Making a conscious effort to display finished work, I present you with the installed version of a previous post Balustrade. I could have added several other adjectives to the title but no number of them can describe what these photographs do. How does it go? A picture is worth a thousand adjectives or something like that? Coming from a structural background where most of what I am involved with ends up covered in sheet rock, it is certainly more rewarding to have a project like this on a resume. This is the focal point of this home and First Flight Stairs, from concept to creation, worked with the general contractor and their clients to embellish the interior of the home. The railing and balustrade installation took less than one day due to every prefabricated section fitting accurately together, in unison with staircase previously erected. What is particularly striking to me is the up easing connecting the lower balustrade to the upper balcony. It seems to lend an even “flow” to the stairs symmetry, creating a natural juncture between the two. The front door inlay pattern was also a consideration in the pattern chosen for the balustrade. The nosing for the staircase was coordinated with the flooring install a few weeks ago, so that it was adjusted for the flooring thickness. Usually, the flooring color choice dictates the species and ultimately the stain used for the railing, in this case mahogany. The wall coloring being light accentuates the dark wood flooring.

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December 1st, 2012

One of the most beautiful and awe inspiring recent creations from our shop is the formation of a wrought iron balustrade for a client in Carolina Forest (hey Rosy!). Balustrades differentiate themselves from conventional stairway balusters in that they are welded together to form a flowing pattern versus vertical oriented pickets. Each set is uniquely handcrafted commanding presence on the entry of the home. Wrought iron has a rich history, dating back to Roman times where it was employed in iron gates or to tie together masonry arches and domes. The significance of wrought iron over cast iron lies in it’s tension qualities against cast iron primarily compression qualities, making it far more durable. The pattern of this particular stair rail accentuates symmetry and sweetness of the line following the rails ascent to the juncture of the open balcony. The curved stair has been in place for several weeks now, the nosing and floors being installed, awaiting it’s crowning piece.

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