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Double Winder

August 22nd, 2012

As mentioned in the last post, here is the brazilian cherry masterpiece being constructed in shop. Ten of the lower steps are 52 1/8″ wide graduating to 49 1/2″ moving upwards. The risers set at 7 3/8″ make for a comfortable ascent. The “double winder” will complete the open to below balcony with a juliet flare out on both sides of the center. The treads pictured here are beautiful to me in their original state. Looking down the barrel at the texture and grain of this cherry wood, it is almost a shame to apply a finish. It is a rewarding experience to witness the time and care taken to pay this one of a kind creation it’s due. I hope to be able to snap some photos and create a post on the installation process very soon. First Flight Stairs and Abe White, the man who operates the business, exemplify quality and attention to detail as well as integrity on every project they contract.

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Brazilian Flight for Gangi

July 27th, 2011


At the risk of losing the audience who thought from the title they would be reading about a South American airplane ride for illegal substances, I have to admit luring people in to read about stairs and millwork is not an easy thing to do. Not to be labeled a complete fabrication, the brazilian refers (pun intended) to brazilian cherry, the flight is a flight of stairs, and our customer’s name is Dr. Gangi. His house, located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a showcase of speciality millwork products built to exacting specifications. First up is the mahogany front door, whose rich deep, high gloss finish is only superceded by it’s handcrafted details. On the level leading from the garage to the 1st level, notice how the wall rails parallel the pattern set by the skirt board wrapping the wall, florished with a 2″ base cap. Brazilian cherry wood flooring on the first level is accented by the square top colonial balusters and the custom box newels, creating a timeless traditional theme. The treads on the second set of stairs leading from the first level to the second (and indeed on all three levels) are coordinated in brazilian cherry, with nosing and return, in front and the side, to match. The volute at the start of the railing is simple yet elegant. Look closely at the wainscoted recessed panel to see if the “break” for the invisible under stair closet can even be located. You would have to be standing right in front of it to see it, I guarantee, as this is an extremely tight fit. One of the more challenging prospects of this house was to enclose a support column located at the base of the stairs leading from the second level to the third. As the photo clearly demonstrates, the visually upward flowing aspect of this grand column is as gravitating as it is natural. The attention to detail and installation expertise was just what the doctor ordered.

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