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100 Club Drive

November 23rd, 2012

Floor installation continues at the 100 Club Drive jobsite combining steel support and LVL’s to form the girder system. Eric Dunn with Dunn Metalworks was chosen to weld and drill the steel beams for appropriate wood facing to receive the floor trusses. Craned into position, both the 3 ply LVL’s and steel with hangers premounted, floor truss placement begins. As shown in the illustration, flat roof trusses oriented in the 1 1/2″ direction allow for the 7″ drop in the theatre room and in the bathrooms 6″ drops for the showers. The mechanical “basement” is large enough for accessing HVAC and plumbing / wiring issues that may present themselves in the future. Once the floor trusses are decked, progress can be realized on the ICF exterior walls which has already begun in the rear garage area. The process of confirming the interior wooden wall panels and subsequently the roof system will have 4 to 6 weeks to develop prior to their need onsite. The douglas fir heavy timber trusses which will adorn the great room, dining and sitting room are being engineered to meet schedule once the ICF walls are in place and delivered with the roof trusses. Custom home building requires special attention to details. It can be somewhat of a moving target with changes occuring in the different phases of construction as plan meet reality. A perfect example is the impact of the chandeliers on changing the plate heights of this structure. Rod Edwards, the general contractor on this project, has great perception of the requirements of his client, making these changes seamless in their execution.

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Steel Stairs And Arbor

August 29th, 2012

Eric Dunn of Dunn Metalworks has caught the stair manufacturing bug from First Flight Stairs and had his own offering. Although he will occasionally employ labor outside of his own efforts, he is by all accounts, a one man show. It is always a pleasure for me to go back into his shop and see the projects he commissions. Then again, having the talent to work steel into any variety of shapes and configurations must be used for personal use. The beautiful wedding arbor is being made for a family member. I think of the practicality of this gift as surely it will grace the home of the recepient long after its original intention is fulfilled. Usually Eric has several projects going on at once, which is true of any successful production facility. There is something to be said about creating continuity through methodical intervals of revisiting projects during their creation. The mind seeks find the most efficacious method of combining knowledge and talent into a finished product by allowing for different perspectives over time. Working several projects at once generates the synergy required for maximum creativity.

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