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There’s No Business Like Truss Business

November 15th, 2011

….like no business I know…ok well I admit I needed to bolster my key word a tad with this title. It is truly a unique career field though. My philosophy is if you know what is expected of you then you will never be offended when you are asked to do it. I have always maintained I am not in sales. Anyone who has approached me, for the most part, knows what they are looking for. I don’t have to do much cold calling or stronghold wrestling moves to make a sale. My job is to assume liability and to be a creative problem solver when things don’t quite work out as planned. That’s it, simply stated. I do alot of prompting to methods of framing and suggest particular details dictated by situations presented by plans. Outside of that, I assume liability for the uncomfortable position my clients find themselves in regards to ordering a technically involved product to fit a specific need. As a sales manager once told me many moons ago “you can’t order a Whopper at McDonald’s” (mostly because special orders DO upset them). This was emphasized most emphatically today as I received a call from two counties away on a $700 total sales that went something like this “you got your truss jacked up into my window and I need you out here to get this straightened out.” First knee jerk reaction? I only gave you exactly what the plans called for (that’s not my job or concern, man!). Wait though. I assumed liability of interpreting those plans. It does matter that the walls were not constructed when I took the order, or that there was not anyway to physically confirm them at the placement of the order. I assumed the liability that they would work in relations to the plans which had a window close enough to question if it would impact the trusses I was providing. Moving on to my secondary responsibility, I needed to arrive at a mutually satisfing solution to the general contractor and myself. The custom built trusses were onsite, one up against the side of the building infringing on the existing window frame, the rest on the ground awaiting my judgement. I didn’t want to rebuild them because of the pitch shown on the plans drawn by a “plan interpreter” (not to be confused with an architect). The solution was to provide a sealed repair drawing in which the center of the truss could be relocated creating a “dual” pitch to avoid the window on the affected side. The opposite side would be concealed by a valley set from an intersecting roof (fortunately) thus unobservable. A mutually acceptable compromise less the $50.00 repair seal for me and the plywood, rafters and labor for the GC. Yes, there is no business like truss business, it’s like no business I know. Oh and the gratuitious truss plugs from the pictures in the truss yard as I passed through.

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