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Oak Masterpiece

July 6th, 2011

7_6_11 Life’s journey is not about the destination, it about the trip getting there. “Are we there yet?” the kids continue to berate the parents with on the family vacation. Then, by the time many vacations have past and the kids are no longer kids anymore, you remember all the details of the trip that got you to where you were headed. It is almost easier to remember each nuisance of an arduous journey than it is to realize where you actually ended up. So it is in the wood crafting business. Often times you are shown the polished finish product, gleeming in the fullness of it revelry, as the stand alone attention grabber of the room. The craftsman though, similar to the accomplished traveler, takes pleasure in the journey. The plan and the execution of that plan, piece by meticulous piece, brings the real joy to one’s soul. It is in that spirit of the journey I present this oak masterpiece. Shown here in all of it’s unfinished glory, adorned with the tools of the trade still covered in sawdust. Being in sales, I love to take potential clients into the shop where they can witness works in progress. Most of them have comments relating to this shared “raw” experience. Doesn’t really matter if it was in their own elaborate and expensive workshop or high school woodshop, the smell of wood, the feeling of creation with one’s hands, reasonates within our psyche. Even if one is incapable of the creation themselves, it doesn’t diminish the experience of appreciation for the craftmanship witnessed. For we all have different tools, different paths, separate journeys. The memories formed taking those paths, those journeys, are the true measure of a life well lived.

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