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Casing The Joint

July 8th, 2011

7_8_11 Walking through the shop today I caught a glimpse of a few “works in progress”. The hardwood of choice today is the rich reddish tint of mahogany. Actually, the term “hardwood” does not infer hardness in texture or density, it is a general term to designate lumber produced in temperate zone deciduous broad-leafed trees. It is a perfect choice for fine furniture and cabinet making due to the lack of knots and smooth grain pattern it yields. The forests where mahogany is harvested usually permit the species to be tall, making continuous board lenghts which do not require seams and joints. Coupled with durability, mahogany becomes a desirable commodity for today’s project; door casing. When completed, this casing will act a wooden trim around the door covering the seam between the wall and the jamb, as well as conceal the gap where the door frame (or jamb) meets the rough opening. Notice the traditional routed flutes running the lenght of the casing, giving it strong impact on the overall style and proportion of the door opening. In the other photo you can see the radius mahogany jamb being formed, which will be used over the arched area of the door. These components, the radius jamb and casing, will be merged at the top with radius corner blocks and at the base by plinth blocks (borrowed directly from ancient Greek architecture). The overall effect? Well look at the plan…

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