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June 10th, 2011

As much as stargazing brings me intrigue and imaginative bliss, I have much the similar reaction to discovering how this mental computer I have been given makes interpretations of the universe surrounding it. Turns out, whether it be the grand universe, the microcosmos, or the intracosmos, the principles are primarily the same. Quantum physics elucidates the fact that all matter is really energy. The energy encountered is the same as well; magnetic and electrical. The interesting molecules providing the stimulas in the intracosmos of our brain are called neuropeptides. Although they are not actually thoughts, they are the messengers to our body’s functions and reactions to the thought’s transmissions. Neuropeptides have been actively linked to such mental activities like energy levels, pain and pleasure reception, and the ability to solve problems. They are present in automatic bodily functions that regulate our immune system. Appetite, affective behavior, inflammation, the cellular regeneration of the skin in relation to scars and wrinkles are but a few of the credits given to these busy molecules. The one I find the most fascinating though is the formation of memories. Our brain has a great capacity to store these memories the neuropeptides shoot off to the concious and unconcious parts of the mind. The unconcious portion definitely receives the majority of the memories stored, silently tuck away in the inner recesses, awaiting a perceptual ques to be retrieved. Some of the negative ones: fear, hate, jealousy end up depressing the immune system. Conversely, positive memories: happiness, forgiveness, love, selflessness, have the opposite effect of boosting the immune system. Within the intracosmos of the mind, you contribute to your body’s health by keeping the positive memories flowing.

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May 27th, 2011

In order to comprehend the infinitely large, you need to concentrate on the infinitely small

I am not suggesting this is an original idea. Just kind of one of those things that rolls around in your mind as a intriguing possibility. I have found myself, over the last couple of years, becoming interested in quantum physics. It is one of those subjects that is inherently fascinating as it is frustrating to understand and apply. Randomness seems to be it’s standard operating procedure. It is nothing like the observable universe you and I seemingly live in. Yet, like the HTML code these exact words are being written on, it is beneath our observable world. It comprises everything we accept as reality. In the quantum reality there are no solids, simply particles and waves. And space. A vast, incomprehensible amount of space between particles. When I first looked at the illustration of the atom shown here, it looked familiar. Hauntingly familiar. Like a face in a crowd that reasonates with one’s soul, but remains nameless, unidentifiable. With the negatively charged electrons and positively charge protons, mixed with the electrically neutral neutrons, dancing around the centralized nucleus, a pattern arose from this electromagnetically held force. I know now what struck a chord with me. It is identical to our solar system. The sun is the nucleus. The planets and moons are the electrons, protons, and neutrons. Gravity replaces electromagnitism as the bonding source of energy for the orbiting nature. I got all excited about the possibilities and manifestations this epiphany I had and rushed to google the phrase “planets revolving around the sun”. My purpose was to put a picture of the revolving planets next to this atom illustration. Once there what did I find? Yeah, that’s right. A picture of the atom saying something like “similar to the orbiting planets around the sun…” Anyway, regardless of the originality factor consider this. In space, less than five percent of the universe is observable stars, planets, galaxies, basically atoms. The rest is described as dark matter or dark energy that no one can explain how it works or why it exists. Scientist’s describe the first seconds after the Big Bang as the universe filling up with the very same elements: protons, electrons, and neutrons. The real interest though, is not in the atoms, instead it is the space between the atoms. The dark matter or dark energy or whatever it is that overwhelmingly occupies space. I am convinced the answer for the infinite expanding universe lies behind the veil of the subatomic surface.

I have added another update to the Shaftsbury Glen page. Take a moment to see how the house is progressing.

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