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Interior Appeal

July 5th, 2012

I spend a great amount of time posting about the “bones” of the housing industry, trusses, wall panels and the like, all which are covered by sheetrock. Now it is time to highlight the custom made millwork items which are actually seen and enjoyed by our customers. On this home, First Flight Stairs and Specialty Millwork was contracted to manufacture and install the stairs with open rails, newel posts and balusters, the underside of the radius ceiling, the porch ceiling, built-ins, wainscotting, as well trim and bathroom cabinets. The cabinets were manufactured in our shop out of maple following the exact specifications and measurements of the customer approved layout, then installed at the jobsite. Two of our infamous installers are seen here, apparently surprised about being photographed (Shorty turned his head and Terry has the “who me” look on his face).The stained ceiling color of the radius ceiling above adds perfectly to the “beachy” and open feel to the great room and foyer. Wainscotting can be found throughout the house, most prominately displayed on the great room walls. Built-in’s of various sizes can be found in each bedroom. Yet to be installed, obviously, are the drawers with custom selected “pulls” which will certainly complete the pantry and kitchen cabinets. Tucked away in the bedroom above the garage is a comfy day bed flourished with light from the twin window on its side. Translucent solar shades will fit into specially designed enclosures, operated remotely through a slit in the bottom of the cover, which allows protection from ultra violet rays. The enclosures will still be able to open from the front should adjustments be needed to service the motorized units. Much coordination and effort goes into all these items to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately creating the interior appeal which will be noticed and appreciated by those who visit.

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Let The Sunshine In

May 21st, 2011

Ah yes wonderful, warm sunlight beaming it brightness and life-giving rays on Mother Earth. The star that makes it all possible. We are made of star material and so is the entire universe around us. As it mystified ancient cultures before us, today we still marvel at it’s brilliance, it’s exact prominance in our daytime sky. It is not too far to create a frozen tundra, yet not to close to bake us out of existence. It’s essence is to provide us with the life sustaining ingredient of photosynthesis to our food cycle. This leads us to the Jean-Paul Sartre basic premise of the existentialist philosophy. There are two primary beings: itself (l’en-soi) which is fixed. It just is. It has no reason for it’s being. Then there is second being (le pour-soi) which is a being for itself. It is dependent upon the former being for it’s existance and has no fixed nature. Doesn’t this describe perfectly of our relationship to the great fireball in the sky? The massive (it represents 98% of the mass in our solar system) star is projected to stay “being” for another 5 million or some odd years, fortunate for us hapless human “beings”. Another example of existence (the fixed nature sun) preceding essence (the no fixed nature man).

Had some problems with the Cincopa slide galleries going down and I am changing them out with WordPress slides, Sorry for the technical problems, but all should be resolved by Monday. I guess the increased traffic as of late caused me to run out of Cincopa time allotments without paying them monthly for their services. That will just make Timberology leaner, greener, and meaner (hey it rhymed didn’t it?). Power to the people and WordPress…Check out the new First Flight Stair page Radius Ceilings. Some of the best unfinished, rough framing work we do.

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