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The Oak Tree

December 20th, 2012

Interesting story about how an oak tree stood tall against development from my jobsite visit to 100 Dunes Club this afternoon. The garage attic frames were being set today but the oak tree sat defiantly between the rear of the house and a spot from which the crane could reach the structure. It is an extremely dangerous situation to have the cranes mast even close to full extension so this beautiful oak was impeding construction progress. Surely this oak was planned to be removed as it so extremely close to the home, the framer contented. This was not the case though. The entire house would be moved before the oak would change locations was the answer from the general contractor. The standoff was resolved by, catch this, these 500lb+ trusses being carried by hand next to the garage where the crane was positioned. Let me tell you, there were some aching framing crew members the day after that ordeal. A little “Christmas Miracle” story for y’all in which the oak, who had earned it’s entitlement place in the universe, will continue to occupy the space for years to come. And how sometimes progress is detoured by preserving the past. A legacy that I hope will never be ignored or forgotten. We are all visitors here. Our legacy is determined by the housekeeping bill we hand our decedents…

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Crane Day

July 23rd, 2012

Second story walls now in place on lot 24 Windsong, crane day has arrived for the second story roof trusses. This house has the center section true two story roof trusses to be craned into position along with the left side light attic storage trusses. The right side is the bonus room section in which a couple of two ply flat girders will constitute the “knee walls” of the room. Take note of the picture which is labeled “bonus room wall over garage”. You can see it in the forefront of where the crane’s cable is lowered. One of the great attributes of a panelized system is the areas where wall panels fill in the gaps left by the truss system, namely this bonus room wall. It is correctly sized for the egress window opening required perfectly centered with the ridge formed by the trusses above it. The nature of the off balanced room (not cenetered in the peak section of the truss) and the need to form attic storage per plan in areas that are traditionally “webbed” trusses necessitated the creation of a three piece truss. The oddly shaped roofs shown against the garage right side are 2×10 chord top chord bearing trusses. They are designed to bear on the flat girder trusses and their 9 1/4″ dimensional lumber is deep enough for insulation to pass through. The flat girders have small entry doors opening into “webless” mono trusses for storage purposes. This garage trusses will all be set via forklift as they are smaller in size and one story height which also lifted the larger exterior 2×6 walls and floor trusses. The construction crew busied itself with sheathing the gable ends, installing the rake assemblies as they went. Sheathed walls are very heavy not lending themselves to preassembly requiring the crane to lift them as they are prepared on the ground awaiting being swung into position.

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