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Waterway 1

January 17th, 2013

Tucked away off 6th Ave S and Waterway Drive in North Myrtle Beach is Babb Custom Homes latest component construction home. Consisting of three levels, this piling house has a beautiful view of the Intercoastal Waterway and has been under construction for a little over one week. All of the walls past the first level have been set in place with a crane and shuffled to their respective positions Much of the anchorage hardware, necessary bracing and blocking is handle on the level as they move upwards. The use of wall panels aids in the completion of these items as the level is already basically framed and the permanent fastening requirements can be addressed earlier in the construction process. The second level floor system was to be set and sheathed before the third level wall system arrived to be craned into position. The roof system is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday the 23rd to allow for several days of deck assemblies. As in most large multi-leveled coastal homes, a combination of steel I beams with deep LVL’s are integral in transference of the load paths generated through both point and uniformed loads. Structural sealed drawings are adhered to in the design of the wall panels and trusses, allowing for the proper strapping as required by code. Babb Custom Homes realizes the benefits yielded by component construction’s review process prior to problems occurring in the field.

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