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Controlled Spiraling

October 22nd, 2011

I was in Holden Beach, NC the other day reviewing shop drawings for an upcoming piling house with a general contractor, and spied the beautiful curved stair we installed earlier this year. Happened to be directly across from it on the island and it just looked so majestic standing there above everything else. On some earlier posts, I showed the manufacturing process in the shop and even showed it loaded to be transported to the job, but after seeing it from my vantage point the other day I decided feature it here. The stair leads from a small bar with a large view to the “widow’s watch” above. This was the “coming together” event which merged the two separate businesses of Dunn Metalworks and First Flight Stairs. The building of this aluminum spiral required the expertise of a stair builder and a welder creating a synergy neither one could accomplish alone. Since then we have several others joint projects, more spirals, aluminum railing jobs,and unconventional things like steps for a boat dock. For small businesses, the ability of being able to count on resources outside of their sphere of expertise expands the thought process of what is possible. Maybe a slight consolation in the midst of a turbulent economy, hopefully, to be in a controlled spiral upwards rather than a uncontrolled one downwards…

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Transporting the Spiral

May 10th, 2011

If you have been following this spiral stair fabrication, you were probably wondering how we transport this to the jobsite. Well, even if you weren’t wondering, I am going to show you anyhow. Took these photos right after they were loaded before it was strapped down. It gives you an idea what the finished product looked like primed and painted as well. Take a moment to review the spiral stair page as well. I have added some photos recently taken of the wood spiral leading from the second to the third floor in the same house. Also updated the specialty millwork section of arched cased openings.

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Baking In The Carolina Sun

May 6th, 2011

The usual Friday flurry of completing projects is underway. Here you can see a gate Eric is completing. The chimney hood is now in it’s final stages. WOW… It is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I wanted to post a small sample of the spiral steps Abe has been working on. I have been reading how the term “spiral” in terms of stairs is actually mathematically incorrect. It should really be called a “helix” most of the time, which made me think of DNA strands and the double helix. There are actually stairs made that are double helix in shape that allow enough room for a person acsending and a person..uh what? declining??…anyway passing each other however it is termed. The spiral / helix will be featured in the First Flight Stair page when completed. This has to happen by this weekend as the installation is scheduled on Monday. Another weekend of sweat and toil apparently. There is no sleep for the wicked, or apparently the committed stair maker.

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From The Steel Shop

April 27th, 2011

5_3_11 Update: Ok well the steel items we have been working on in between our commitments are starting to take shape. Really could use some feedback, especially in regards to the “vessel” decorative sink idea. We are thinking seriously about beginning to market these and build some prototypes for sale. Maybe a few variations on the same theme but slightly different. We are asking for some comments on the feasibility. I mean how difficult would it be for a yea or a nay from you all (see the box at the bottom marked “COMMENTS”). The thing is we don’t want to do a bunch of things half way, we want to do a few things excellently. I haven’t seen anything like this online or anywhere for that matter. Let us know what you think.
It is getting harder to determine who is the steel guy and who is the wood guy. Increasingly more time is spent with Abe (the wood guy) with a welding helmet on working in the steel shop. He is building a set of spiral stairs for a customer and is working on it nonstop. Now Eric (the steel guy) has a new offering. It is a chimney hood, but could actually double as a range hood cover. And who would not be happy to see it over their stove , I ask? I have also added the pole holders shown previously as a finished product.


Wanted to share a few items, well works in progress, from the steel fabrication shop. “Welder Extraordinaire” Eric Dunn is shown in one of the pictures. When he is not busy with the variety of aluminum railing projects and structural steel beam installations, he can be found in the shop cranking out individual requests. Here is the bass masters dream, an adjustable swivel mounted fishing pole holder, prepared to mount boat side. The steel gate made in the classic style boasts of a magnetic clasp closing system. The sink is a variation of the free standing post models you normally see. It has a back shelf for storage and lends itself to external wall mounting of the faucet. I actually made Eric put the sink in to simulate what it would look like finished. Artist prefer to wait until the masterpiece is finished to be viewed while the observers like to see the process. That is why I carry a camera around everywhere I go.

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