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OakPointe 263

June 29th, 2012

Wall panels were shipped to the Barefoot Landing community arriving late Thursday afternoon. These pictures were taken Friday afternoon and all walls were stood and braced into position. The house has a number of different plate heights (9′-0″ 12′-0″ and 14′-0″) yet presented few problems for the IG Construction crew to make excellent time on setting them. Usually, a unit of 2x4x16′ spf (spruce pine fur) and a unit of 2x6x16′ spf are delivered by the lumber yard for bracing, top plates, soffit material as well as many other purposes. Sill seal or subfloor adhesive create a bond between the treated bottom plate and the slab. With the temperature hovering over 100 degrees, the options are to work or sit stationary and melt, but most of the time melting occurs in both situations. The schedule for this house was moved up by one day due to shipping restrictions with wide load panels in a tourist destination. Between the Memorial and Labor day holidays, wide loads cannot be hauled on Fridays, so as this set of components were manufactured on Thursday morning the decision was made to ship them in the afternoon. The slab was marked on Thursday allowing walls to be set on Friday. Monday the roof trusses will arrive along with all the sheathing requirements for the roof and walls. Beams between the levels were also shipped with the wall panels. Engineering dictated muli-ply LVL’s 18″ deep are shipped loose for the garage door header and the rear patio door. The maximum length for the panels are 12′-0″ under normal conditions. Being constructed out of the Framers Series lumber, they can be heavy, as dense southern yellow pine is notorious for being. Babb Custom Homes, the general contractor of this project, uses all premium lumber in both the walls and the roof system, which is particular important with the use of slick ceiling finishes. To differenciate oneself in this economic climate the use of component construction offers speed, accuracy, and quality lumber to the equation.

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