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100 Club Drive Forges Onward

December 12th, 2012

My new catch phrase is “working to the speed of business”. Custom home construction requires time sensitive activities occurring sequentially, with the later affecting the former in terms of levels and load paths. When it was discovered the heavy timber trusses which are enveloped by the great, sitting, and dining room main roof trusses, were too shallow at the bearing, it was time to jump to action. The design manager and project designer drove from Charleston to the site in Myrtle Beach to resolve this critical issue. The garage attic trusses were released for delivery once it was discovered they would not be affected by the decisions made today. Combined with the main house roof trusses, there is a whopping 29,420 square feet of roofed area, requiring 1060 sheets of 7/8″ thick sheathing. “Working to the speed of business” requires the garage trusses, interior wall panels, roof sheathing delivered from the west coast, and main roof trusses to be delivered within a two week period. Oh, I forgot to mention the Christmas holiday abbreviated work schedules thrown in between. What makes this special to me is the challenge presented. Working with Rod Edwards of Innovative Design / Build makes this tedious approval process so much easier with his perceptual prowess stemming from his architectural background. He truly enjoys facing obstacles that require intelligent design for the one correct solution required to satisfy the specific need. I left knowing the 2 hours we spent today saved several weeks of passing corrected designs back and forth. Even more important, it kept the sequence of events ready to unfold on track.

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