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Thanksgiving Wrap Up

November 23rd, 2011

The day before Thanksgiving had me involved with some travel and finalization of a bunch of paperwork. On a previous post I had discussed the merits of the Zip System by Huber. Yes I actually sell some products as a result of the interest generated by a few of my posts. I was at a piling house ideal for the use of open web floor trusses and snapped some photos of the Zip Wall and Zip Roof systems in use. JT Holden of Holden Beach, NC, is a progressive builder who is open for trying new products. He is in an area where water infiltration is of primary concern. Although the Zip System does not require housewrap or felt paper for that matter, Johnny assures a quality product by applying housewrap over the 7/16″ Zip Walls and a protective barrier of Ice and Water Shield on top of the 5/8″ Zip Roof sheathing. He is delivering a house that exceeds specifications of being moisture resistant. There is quite a few of the ocean from the upper deck of the structure. Open web floor truss are primarily use for piling / girder type floor systems because of their ability to clear span and pick up interior bearings thus limiting the number of girders (either LVL rows or 2×12′s) required. Floor girders work great in areas where “break away” pilings are required, and the open web configuration gives adequate room for plumbing, wiring and HVAC ducts, where furring down below is difficult. There is an update on the popular post ICF Stands Tall as the wood phase of construction continues. Eric Dunn has completed fireplace mantle made of steel with a built in heat shield. It has a ceramic insulative base to prevent the TV or whatever is to be located above it on the shelving from overheating. He was transporting it to be painted before presenting it to the customer in Lumberton NC, who he has done a number of projects for. Returning customers are signs of success. So after gorging yourself with turkey on this special holiday, take a few moments to exercise the ole digits by roaming around the latest posts of Timberology. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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“Element”arily Superior

September 24th, 2011

In the interest of offering construction solutions that reflect the theme of my last post, we need to review the forces of nature that come into play. Construction, to the point of “dry in” that could take as little time as a week or as much time as several months. This website is a proponent of Component Construction for that very reason; to limit the exposure of the structure to the elements during the construction process (as well as alot of other meaningful reasons). Engineered wood products are not simply components though. They are also the materials which envelope the structure, and add to energy conciousness by means of practical application. There are various high performance products available, but Huber Engineered Wood is some of the best, and therein is the mission statement of Timberology, public exposure to the best of the best. Of course, weathering shelter from the elements is not a static process, it is a continual one. The products shown here are ones that address the ongoing process, in the most efficient manner. AdvanTech floor sheathing boasting a 50 year limited warranty, is probably the most respected and used with the general contractors in my area. Coastal eastern states understand the need to protect against moisture issues, such as mold and rotting wood. Utilizing what they term “advanced resin technology” AdvanTech is resistant to moisture, and does not warp, cup or delaminate under wet conditions. Any home builder who has experienced such severe rain conditions where holes have to be drilled in the sheathing to drain the water can appreciate this. Other attributes of the product include excellent nail holding capacity and strength in bending stiffness, when compared against OSB or plywood. Huber’s Zip System is another exclusively unique line of products design to withstand extreme coastal conditions. Zip wall sheathing reduces air leakage against traditional house wrap, both from the outside in and from letting conditioned air to escape outwards. These structural PS-2 rated panels stop moisture penetration while lowering the utility bill at the same time. As mentioned, the panel is a perfect fit in maintaining the R value as a protective barrier for the home’s insulation. The seams are taped with their propriatary taping product (manufactured by 3M) which actually replaces the housewrap normally used. Similarily, roof felt can be extracted from the building list of materials when using the Zip roof sheathing. The costs of using products of this nature are proporsionally returned in energy performance over the course of the home’s lifespan. The gift to our earth that returns the enviromenetally sound favor. This leads me to the element chart illustrated. Five elements can be said to describe the chemical make up of our planet. What caught my interest here is Timberology is the combination of wood and metal. Fit’s in quite “naturally” with the element chart, from which the other forces of nature are given.

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